Scientific computing

Neil Strickland

Module information

Most module information will appear here. There is also a Blackboard page for the course, with a discussion board etc.


Setting up the environment

We will use Visual Studio Code as the main way to interact with Python. This is already installed on the university open access PCs, but you need to carry out a couple of small steps before you can use it. You can also install VS Code and other required software on your own PC or laptop. Instructions are given below:
University PC setup: Web page YouTube video
Personal PC setup: Web page YouTube video

Lectures and labs

Week 1: Introduction to VS Code, revision Lecture Lab Test
Week 2: numpy arrays, linear algebra and vectorization Lecture Lab Test
Week 3: Plotting with matplotlib Lecture Lab Test
Week 4: Solving differential equations Lecture Lab Test
Week 5: Integration and PDEs Lecture Lab Test
Week 6: The Python ecosystem Lecture Lab Test
Week 7: Version control, testing, debugging Lecture Lab (no test)
Week 8: Data analysis and curve fitting Lecture Lab Test
Week 9: Signal processing Lecture Lab Test
Week 10: 3D plotting and animations Lecture Lab Test