Setting up your own PC

If you want to use your own PC or laptop for MAS2008, you should follow the steps below (which are also covered in this YouTube video). For the sake of example, I will assume that your name is Pat.

Adding Python to PATH

If you followed the instructions exactly as above, then the location of Python will have been added to your PATH environment variable. That means that Windows will know where to look for Python if you execute pip or python in a terminal window. However, if you installed Python in some other way, it may not have been added to PATH and you might see messages like this:
'python' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.
If so, you can add Python to your PATH manually by following these instructions (or you could ask Google Gemini how to do it).


There are various other ways you could set up Python and VS Code, for example by using Anaconda. You could also use a different integrated development environment instead of VS Code if you prefer. However: