MAS435/MAS6370 Algebraic Topology
Lecturer: Neil Strickland

Module information

The syllabus, timetable and assessment arrangements are here.

Lecture notes

PDF download HTML version

Both versions of the notes contain links to various interactive demonstrations (described below) and videos.

The HTML version is new. It should be better than the PDF for viewing on a phone, or for reading with a screen reader. I would welcome any comments on either of these use cases.

There is also a separate survey of examples mentioned in the course.

I strongly recommend that you should attend lectures in person if possible. If you cannot do that, I recommend that you work from the notes and embedded videos and demonstrations. There is also a lecture progress page where you can see which sections of the notes have been covered in lectures.

Interactive demonstrations

There is a set of interactive demonstrations explaining many of the ideas in the course. I will talk through these in lectures, there are attached YouTube videos, and you can try them yourself at other times. These are experimental and under development. I welcome comments about the extent to which they are comprehensible, useful or interesting.


There will be eight homework assignments in each semester. The best five in each semester will each count for 2% of the overall course grade, making 20% in total. The remaining 80% will be based on a final exam. This will be a 2.5 hour formal closed book exam with five questions of equal value, of which you will be asked to complete four.

Past exam papers

Because of changes in the syllabus and changes due to the pandemic, recent past exam papers are not a very good guide to the 2021-22 exam. I have therefore provided As well as revising the examinable material, you should make sure that you are familiar with all the examples in the course. These are summarised in the survey of examples.

Examinable material Short version Long version
Mock exam Exam Solutions
Older questions Problems Solutions
2020-21 Exam Solutions
2019-20 Exam Solutions
2018-19Exam Solutions
2017-18Exam Solutions
2016-17Exam Solutions
2015-16Exam Solutions
2014-15Exam Solutions

Office hours

Official office hours are 12:00-13:00 on Fridays. I will expect people to come to my office (Hicks J26) by default, but you can email me to arrange an online meeting if you prefer. If you find me in my office at some other time, then I may well be able to talk to you, but I do not guarantee it.

Contact details

Neil Strickland
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