MAS334 Combinatorics
Lecture videos from 2020-21

In 2021-22, I recommend that you should attend lectures in person if at all possible. If you cannot do that, I recommend that you work from the notes and the videos and interactive demonstrations embedded in the notes. Each interactive demonstration has an attached video which you can watch for explanation. A large fraction of the notes is already covered by videos, and I will probably add some more. I am happy to take requests, if there are particular places where you feel that a video would be helpful.

You might also want to watch these recordings from 2020-21. After Reading Week, there were two online lectures per week. Before that, there was only one online lecture, and students were asked to watch videos embedded in the notes for additional material.

I do not recommend using Encore lecture recordings from 2021-22. The recording system does not work very well.

Week 1 Lecture 1  
Week 2 Lecture 1  
Week 3 Lecture 1  
Week 4 Lecture 1  
Week 5 Lecture 1  
Week 6 Lecture 1  
Week 7 Reading Week
Week 8 Lecture 1 Lecture 2
Week 9 Lecture 1 Lecture 2
Week 10 Lecture 1 Lecture 2
Week 11 Lecture 1 Lecture 2